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Where to Shop Online for iPhone

iPhones are multi-media enabled Internet smarphones introduced and marketed by Apple. They come with a large variety of applications such as visual voicemail, text messaging, portable media player, camera phone, web browsing, an Internet client, and a Wi-Fi. The user interface of the device is built around a multi-touch screen and features a virtual keyboard. In addition, third-party applications include GPS navigation, social networking, reference, games, and advertising for films, television shows, and celebrities,

In recent years, iPhones have become a hit on the sell phone and consumer electronic market. Given the large demand for smartphones, the question is not whether to buy an iPhone but how to shop around for iPhone best deals.

The first source that comes to mind is any of the Apple stores within reachable distance from your home. Residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan can purchase it from a 180-plus retail stores. Alternatively, Internet users can visit the official website of Apple and have a look at their offers. Customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 and can have an AT&T wireless service activated. The online store of Apple offers various iPhone accessories such as Apple USB power adapter to charge the device, iPhone 4 Dock for docking and charging, and iPhone 4 Bumpers in a variety of colors. Customers buying an iPhone 4 before September 30 will get a Bumper at no added charge.

Persons who prefer to shop around and compare iPhone prices online will find plenty of other places, besides the online store of Apple. Craiglist and eBay are two of the biggest online spaces to look for an iPhone. If you choose one of these options, make sure you are dealing with a highly rated dealer. Unless you are looking for a used unit, double check whether you are buying a new iPhone.

Amazon is an obvious place to shop online for iPhone. Customers can look at product details, including Amazon Bestsellers Rank, Average Customer Review, shipping weight, and date first available on the company’s website. There is a separate page for each product, featuring photos, technical details, customers’ discussions, and active discussions in related forums. In addition, the website provides links to various associated online communities such as The Apple Community, The iPod Community, and The iPod Touch Community.

AT&T’s online store is another great place to shop for and iPhone. Customers can choose from 16 GB Apple iPhone 3GS, 32 GB and 16 GB iPhone 4. There is a large variety of accessories for the device: Privacy Screen Protector, Brown Premium Sleeve, Anti-Glare Screen Protector, Black Soft Shell Gel, Soft Touch Stylus, Leather Shell & Holster, and many more. The online store offers plenty of package deals at competitive prices. Some of the package offers to consider are: Apple iPhone 4 – 16 GB (comes with iPhone 4, messaging service, and $15 Data Plan) and Apple iPhone 3G – 8 GB (package includes iPhone 3G, $15 Data Plan, and messaging service).

A good place to search for iPhone accessories is the online store of Radio Shack. They offer a large selection of items such as: Point Mobl Snap-On Cases for iPhones, Wireless Solutions Duo Case, Case-mate Tiki Cases, Ventev Theater Snap-On Case, etc.

Finally, there is a huge variety of online stores and websites that offer iPhone trade-in programs. Electronic Warehouse offers $20 credit towards the purchase of electronics and golf equipment to customers who trade their Apple iPod and iPhone earbuds. ByMyTronics buys broken and working devices an resells them.