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Tips for Selling Your Things Online

If you have been meaning to sell some of your things for some time now but have been procrastinating because you just canít find the time. Maybe you have been considering a garage sale but have been waiting for a good weekend in order to do so. If that weekend still hasnít come and you are still sitting on all the things you would like to sell, consider selling those things online. There are a number of ways in which you can sell almost anything online, and there are millions of people out there looking for whatever it is you are offering. The following advice on how to sell things online may be quite useful to you.

Set Up an e-Bay Store

e-Bay has millions of users that browse their auction site everyday. It is fast and easy to open your own store at e-Bay and start getting your stuff moved right away. There are also options at e-Bay to just sell one or two items using their simple auction method. Either way, e-Bay is a very good place to sell anything you have. People sell things like clothing, jewelry, auto parts, shoes, and a variety of different things on e-Bay, everyday. Typically, users pay through paypal or via money order upon receipt. If you do not already have a paypal account, you may want to consider opening one because it makes payments much easier.

List Your Items on Craigslist is another site that sells millions of items everyday. The difference from e-Bay is that Craigslist requires you to actually meet the people in most cases. There is a local Craigslist for just about every major city and what normally happens is that people respond to your ďfor saleĒ ad and then you make arrangements to meet somewhere. While there has been some safety issues associated with Craigslist, all in all it is still a very good way to sell your items online. A little common sense when dealing with strangers can go a long way.


Just like e-Bay, Amazon offers sellers a wonderful avenue in which to sell their items. There was an auction option with Amazon but they have done away with it recently. Still, sellers are free to register for a sellers account and begin listing their items for sale. Amazon has a different set of terms and conditions so it will be important to read them over well before listing anything for sale. Most of the people on Amazon are selling new items, however, there are people who sell used things as well, it is just less common. Unlike e-Bay, Amazon will not charge you a fee just to list your item. The way they work is that they will take a percentage of whatever the total sale amount is.

Hire a Middle Man

If you donít want to be bothered with things like creating your own listings and uploading your own photos, there are sites such as that will take care of all these things for you and act as a go between with you and e-Bay. They take all the guess work out of selling your things because they research everything to see what similar items are selling for prior to setting a price. They do this professionally everyday and if you are someone who does not like the idea of hands on internet dealings, this site might be a very good avenue for you to consider.

Aside from the above mentioned methods of selling your things on line, there are a number of other options out there. Perform a simple Google search and check out different classified services. As well as newsletters that offer ads for people trying to sell their items. With the internet, the options to buy and sell things online are virtually endless.