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Shopping Online for Nutrient-Rich Low Carb Foods

While your local grocery store offers some low carb options, the World Wide Web is a place of infinite possibilities. You can browse by categories, types of foods, ingredients, calorie and carb content, and more. Some stores specialize in products that are designed for a certain plan while others offer the full selection of low carb products and ingredients.

Online Stores

Online stores offer a selection of diet meals, supplements, sauces and spices, ready meals, desserts, and more. There are health food stores that offer carb replacement foods and ingredients. You can buy walnut, flax seed, or almond flour as a substitute of white or all-purpose flour. Specialty stores also offer replacement bars and treats such as banana walnut muffins, carrot cupcakes with cream cheese, and peanut butter and chocolate bars. Some online stores offer more expensive items such as pasta sauces, connoisseur foods, specialty chocolates, and other products. You may want to buy foods with a longer shelf life as well as products for special events. When shopping online, it is important to check the label. Watch for words such as processed flour and white flour. The ingredients are usually listed by content, i.e. those with the largest content are listed first. Buy products that list wholegrain, soy, flax seed, almond flour, or walnut flour first.

Benefits of Shopping Online

The main benefit is that online shopping is quick and convenient and saves time and money and gas. Instead of driving to different stores, you can order from various online outlets. They offer gluten free, bariatric, sugar free, low glycemic, and low carb foods. Some stores even offer coupon codes and discounts to attract customers. Another benefit is that you can order products that are not usually available in your local store. Most online outlets feature normal delivery times. Whether you are looking for specialty ingredients or products that are associated with other cuisines, web-based stores offer plenty of choice.

What is more, some stores mark low carb, gluten free, and specialty foods in different colors for your convenience. You can choose from featured products and different categories such as gourmet foods, snacks, protein bars, shakes, organic foods, dressings, condiments, and more. There is a choice between reduced carb and ultra low carb foods to fit into your diet. Some online stores also feature comprehensive product reviews to help dieters make a choice. This is done to help customers do better search and find a product that suits their requirements (calories, carb content, etc.) Customers often write reviews and give advice on how to use a product, modify different recipes, and more. Some customers even share their recipes and new ways to use products in different ways.

Low Carb Substitutes

Many stores now offer substitutes to products with a high carb content. Customers can choose from sugar and eggs substitutes, different types of flour, soy products, and more. There are plenty of substitutes such as low carb bread, tortillas, cereals, and pasta. You can make other products by yourself. For example, you can make low carb cereals from ricotta cheese and flaxseed meal. There are also substitutes for desserts, crackers, and rice. Some people use textured vegetable protein (TVP) as a substitute of rice. Some stores also offer low carb crackers but they are more expensive. You can use cucumber slices, celery sticks, or mushrooms instead. Legumes and beans are also on the list of banned foods while on a diet. You can substitute them with black soy or soy beans.