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Online Shopping and eBay Alternatives

e-Bay is a great online site for people who are looking for just about anything, however, it isn’t the only online store. There are a number of other sites which hold auctions and sell goods, as well as services. There is a lot of traffic on e-Bay and a lot of competition for each item that is being auctioned. For this reason a lot of people like to shop at other online sites. If you have been looking for another site to shop online with, you may find some of the following sites useful.

Amazon Online Store

While Amazon has done away with their auctions, you can still buy just about anything you want there, and often at a really good price. Amazon is not without competition because it is just as popular as e-Bay, but it is a pleasant change for people looking for another online shopping option. In addition, if you sell items, Amazon does not have listing fees the way e-Bay does, so this is a very attractive feature for sellers. Amazon, unlike e-Bay is better known for selling brand new items, rather than used items. This is not necessarily a negative aspect as most retail drop-shippers are probably selling the same items. Amazon is also very strict about their sellers and the products, much more so than e-Bay or other online stores. This is mainly because Amazon is very big on self promotion and stamps its logo all over packages it ships out for sellers.

Shopping with ECrater

ECrater is very much like e-Bay except without all of the listing fees that go along with it. This may mean better prices on products as sellers do not have to make up for hefty fees they are being charged. While there are a lot of products sold on ECrater, it is still a fairly new site and for this reason there does not seem to be a lot of feedback out there on the forums to support whether or not the over all experience of online shopping at ECrater is better or worse than any other site.

Shopping on Craigslist

Just about every major US city has a Craigslist for their area, in fact even rural areas have Craigslist sites these days. Since the mid 1990’s, this site has been booming and becoming an absolutely huge online flea market, offering everything from pets to automobiles, and everything in between. There are excellent deals that can be found on Craigslist, and there is even a “free stuff” section where people offer things they don’t want anymore to prevent them from ending up in the landfill. In addition, Craigslist is local so there is normally no reason to wait on things to be shipped to you. Generally you shop Craigslist online, reply to the seller, and then make arrangements for you to go out and see/pick up the item. This is a great method of online shopping if the item you are looking for is needed quickly, such as luggage, appliances, A/C units, and much more.

Auctions at iOffer

iOffer is another site that is very much like e-Bay but on a much smaller scale. The biggest difference with online auctions at iOffer is that they last for a period of a month, rather than 24, 48, 72 hours etc. like e-Bay. In addition, it may be easier to get an item you have bid on at iOffer because there is not as much competition in comparison to larger sites like e-Bay, or even Amazon. iOffer boasts authenticity of items, unless otherwise stated in the ad, and has a strict policy in place for sellers who are offering counterfeit items and claiming they are real.

Online shopping can be a lot of fun and even addicting at times. Limiting yourself to just one site may result in a poor experience, especially if you are looking for items which are being auctioned at huge sites that come with a lot of traffic and added competition.