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Jewelry Buying Guide

Most of us have purchased jewelry in our lives. Guys buy jewelry for their girlfriend’s and their mother’s and even sometimes certain types for themselves. Women often treat themselves to a new pair of earrings or a necklace for that special event. It can be fun to shop for jewelry, which can really make an outfit unique, make someone’s eyes light up when they receive that special piece of jewelry or it can be overwhelming trying to find good quality jewelry that everyone will admire or that a guy’s girlfriend or wife will love.

It is important to understand some basic terms associated with some of the jewelry we may buy. The weight of the diamonds in a piece of jewelry is measured in carats. The cut of a diamond refers to the diamond’s shape. The setting of a diamond is also very important. For a classic design, one should select prong settings. Bezel settings are associated with a more modern look.

What type of jewelry should I buy?

The type of jewelry you will want to select will depend on its purpose. The first thing you might want to consider is what you are in the market for, whether you are buying someone a gift or a new piece of jewelry for yourself. Do you want a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring? If you are in the mood for some new jewelry and you already have a lot of earrings, maybe it’s time to buy a new necklace or bracelet. Perhaps you are buying a gift for someone and you have noticed that they just love to wear different necklaces, if that’s the case you may want to find a new necklace for them to add to their collection.

For guys who are looking to buy their girlfriend or wife an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift, there is an abundance of jewelry to select from. You may want to consider buying them something in pearls or diamonds. It is often romantic to show them you love them by buying them jewelry with a heart. You can buy heart earrings, t a necklace with a heart or even bracelets with hearts. A heart necklace for example, will make an excellent anniversary gift for a man’s wife or a great Valentine’s Day gift for a guy’s girlfriend.

When buying new jewelry or jewelry for someone else, it is also important to consider what type of metal the jewelry should be. Should you buy white gold, yellow gold or platinum for instance? White gold and platinum have become increasingly popularity, however, however yellow gold is still often the metal of choice. IF you are going to buy a new piece of jewelry for someone, try to consider what type you most often see them wearing. For example, if they always or almost always wear yellow gold, this may be their preference. However, if you are pretty sure that they would also like, white gold, you may want to consider buying them something in that metal for variety.

If a woman is looking for new necklace or bracelet for a casual event, she may not want to buy anything to flashy. This is assuming that you will also be dressing casually. In that case you may not want to wear very expensive or extravagant jewelry. Stud earrings are an excellent choice of a purchase. You can really wear them anywhere. It does not matter if it is a casual event, a fancy event or just for everyday activities.

Guys, you have many choices of jewelry you can buy for your girl on her birthday. You can surprise her with diamonds, of course. However there are other less expensive choices that she will also cherish. For example, you can buy her a piece of jewelry that features her birthstone. You could buy her birthstone earrings, a birthstone necklace or a ring with her birthstone.

Girls, maybe you want to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry. You can always buy something new that will “dress up” or add to one of your outfits. Having the right jewelry and accessories can really add to any outfit. Buying some fashionable or even just fun jewelry can also be great gifts for your friends and family.

If you want jewelry with sterling silver, you will have a lot of styles to choice from. You can find styles that are modern and styles that are antique. There are sterling silver items of jewelry that do and do not have gemstones.

Pearls are also a very popular jewelry. They come in a wide range of shapes and colors. The pearl serves as an anniversary Gem for 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary’s as well as being June’s birthstone. Pearls are often considered a symbol of modesty, chastity and purity. Therefore they are often worn by brides on their wedding day. If you want a natural pearl, you should know that they are rare and therefore can be very costly. Most of the pearls you will see today are those that are grown in saltwater and freshwater and are called cultured pearls. If you want the higher quality pearl, then you should buy a saltwater cultured pearly, which will cost you more money. There are many types of jewelry that come in pearl. You can buy a pearl necklace, bracelet, pendant and rings. This jewelry makes an excellent gift for many occasions. You might buy them for someone to wear on their wedding day, as a Birthday present or an anniversary present.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to buying jewelry. Jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Different items are best suited for different occasions and styles. When shopping for jewelry, look for items that best match your or the person for whom you are buying the jewelry, own style.