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How to Set Up Online Grocery Shopping

With the rapid development of technologies and e-commerce at the turn of the 21st century, it is possible to even do an online grocery shopping. Now, you may be a brick-and-mortar fellow who goes to the local grocer’s every day to meet his needs for socializing, taking care of the household’s demand for supplies; then, online grocery shopping is not your cup of tea. However, if you have a demanding job that requires you to meet tight schedules and deadlines every day, this innovative way of shopping for groceries online may save a lot of your precious time – milk, butter, flour, rice sugar, all of these can be delivered at your doorstep in the desired quantity against a small fee of less than ten dollars. Here is how online grocery shopping works.

Locate delivery service

The first thing you should do is find an online grocery delivery service in your area. Two of the most popular online grocery deliverers in Canada are Mr.Case, operating in the area of Toronto, and, delivering throughout the country. Alternatively, you may contact your local supermarket and grocery store and ask if they offer a door-to-door delivery and what their fees are.

Open account

Having found a convenient online delivery service, you should now create an account on their website, which is usually free-of-charge and should not take you more than ten or twenty minutes. In most cases, you will need to type in your address, your mobile phone number, and choose a password to protect your personal details. You should also check out what their delivery fees are. For example, offers free shipping for all orders over $200 within Canada. Mr.Case charges a fee of $6 for orders under $75 while the delivery fee for orders of $75 and more is $3.

Create shopping list

Once you have opened an account with the online grocery store, you can start your shopping tour. Now, it will be quite useful if you set up an online shopping list including some basic stuff such as, fresh milk, bread, eggs, and other groceries that you buy almost every day. You can occasionally upgrade these with other items such as coffee, whisky, beer, etc, depending on your specific needs. Some online grocers have a search engine to facilitate your product search, while others allow you to browse by department. Of course, you should always keep your eyes open for weekly special deals.

Bulky groceries

Online shopping is the best possible way to buy bulky groceries such as huge packs of mineral water bottles, beer or soda cans or toilet paper because you don’t have to carry all the stuff yourself. You will have it supplied to your doorstep, instead.

A good strategy for online grocery shopping is to focus on goods that do not sell at your local store – rare spices, soy milk, kosher foods, etc. You will save money on gas and have all products you need for special occasions.

Pick delivery date and time

Before proceeding to checkout, go through your shopping list once again, lest you might have forgotten something, and select your preferred delivery date and time. Note that sometimes, it may take up to three business days for your order to arrive. ships most orders within two working days. However, awkward and heavy items require special containers for shipping while shipping to some oversees markets is more complex and may incur delays.

Finally, you should enter any promotional and discount codes you have and proceed to checkout. Most online grocers accept Paypal payments in addition to credit cards.