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How to Overcome Online Shopping Addiction

With the boom of Internet and electronic commerce over the past decade, shopping online has become incredibly simple and, undeniably, very convenient. In fact, it is such a fun that many people have already experienced the negative consequences of the online shopping addiction, especially in the developed economies where more people have credit cards. You might be affected by the shopping plague and not even recognize the symptoms. Read below to find out how to overcome your online shopping issues by following a few simple steps.

Don’t be afraid to admit your problem

Most online shopaholics are trying to conceal their addiction by all possible means, which only exacerbates the problem. Let us put it in simpler words: if you are buying your seventeenth pair of shoes from eBay this month, you definitely have online shopping addiction to deal with. But if you are trying to hide it from your family, your problem will be well-complemented by a good portion of guilt and frustration. On the other hand, negative emotions may easily lead to depression, which will inevitably throw you into a new bout of shopping spree. So, admitting your problem is the only way out of this vicious circle.

Set limits to your online spending

To overcome your online shopping addiction, it is a good strategy to set up a separate bank account for online purchases and deposit a limited amount of money in it every month. I know you will find it hard to set these limits at first, but you should try as hard as you can. In this way, you will acknowledge the problem again and again, making it more urgent to overcome it. Remember that you successful recovery is in your hands.

Avoid impulse purchases

The problem of most, if not all, online shopaholics is rooted in the simple fact that they are inclined to buy things they don’t really need; then, they try to justify their purchases in some way or another. To make it simple: if you bought your fourth awesome plasma TV from eBay at a bargain price, it makes little sense to convince your wife that it will be a nice present for the future wedding of your fifteen year old son (or it can just rest in the attic until some of the other three breaks down). To avoid such awkward situations, you should always ask yourself if you really need the item before you click the ‘buy now’ button. In fact, your online shopping addiction is filling a gap in your life; so, try to find out the real thing you need.

Buying a lot of cheap stuff is a shortcut to credit card debt

A grain of rice is lighter than a feather, but a million of them have tangible weight. In this line of thought, if you strike several hundred ‘bargains’ on eBay in a month or two, you will get stuck deep in debt. This is so, because most online shopaholics never bother to calculate the interest rate their credit card company charges on their purchases or the additional costs that go with it.

Take up a hobby

Believe it or not, but playing golf turns out to be a lot cheaper than your compulsive online shopping addiction. So, instead of spending your Sundays in front of the computer, why not become a member of the local golf club and buy a nice golf set? Don’t hunt for bargains and hot deals, however, you are feeding your online shopping addiction rather than curing it!