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How to Compare TV Prices Online

There is no easy way to compare TV prices online as the best results only come with on-spot comparisons. Reading ready-made reviews is the second best option. However, with some knowledge of the market, there are several ways to compare TV prices online. Different types of TVs are sold in the online space: LCD TVs. Plasma TVs, and a recent development called LED TVs. Television sets today don’t only offer TV network viewing but also functions as PSP screens, Blu Ray, and computer screens. Many customers now choose LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs, and you may also take a look at the discounts and promotional offers featured by the online TV shopping companies.

Know Your TV

A large variety of TV sets is available for sale, and each brand comes with different specifications, models, and prices. Before you compare different TV sets, think about the specifications you are looking for. It is important to consider video quality before you look at prices. Even if the price of a TV looks quite low, it may be at the expense of its video quality. Don’t throw your money away. It is better to save extra bucks that will buy you quality later. In addition, make sure you choose a set with good contrast, resolution, color quality, and brightness. Check if the TV comes with added features such as installation on the wall or ability to turn it on its stand.

Where to Find TV Prices

Online TV stores provide their own TV price lists according to model and brand. The best way to compare TV prices online is to look at popular TV stores. In order to make a good comparison, you need to have two pieces of information. One is the TV brand, and the other is the model. Without this information, attempts at comparison will go in vain. It is wise to do some prior online or offline research before you look at e-commerce sites.

Another way to go about comparisons is to visit “compare price” websites. Some sites are designed to provide easy and ready-made comparisons for different price ranges. They feature a variety of TV models and give you a good idea of how much you need to pay. When looking into “compare price” websites, make sure they show prices applicable to your country of residence. Other countries may have different price ranges for TV products. In addition, check if the website has relevant articles which deal with current trends in TV pricing.

Checking For Freebies and Shipping Costs

Other issues to consider are the shipping costs of the chosen product and the freebies that come with it. You can get good bargains sometimes, with free-of-charge shipping or a free stand, couch or cabinet. Other TV accessories to consider are HDMI cable, universal remote with a touch screen, mini display port, flip video HDMI cables, adaptors for Mac, etc. Although these items might not come for free, you might look at different e-commerce websites and compare prices as well. You can pamper yourself once in a while (make sure your wife is unaware of your intentions before the actual purchase).

Remember to review the vendor’s terms and conditions for purchase, paying attention to the fine print. If the company wanted you to really read this information, it wouldn’t be written in a microscopic shrift. Some websites don’t sell products directly but connect customers to other online retailers. Pay attention to this issue as well. Finally, take a look at their refund policy and other relevant information before you make a final (informed) decision.