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How to Buy a Calling Card Online

While many people have cellular phones these days there are still a lot of people that prefer to use calling cards. Either they make a lot of international calls which would be very expensive via cell or land line, or they don’t have a long distance plan on their home phones. In addition, there are many people that for whatever reason still don’t carry cell phones. Because of this there are a number of companies that offer calling cards which allow a caller to make calls to various places in the world for a certain amount of money per minute. Calling cards can be purchased for as little as $5.00.

Purchasing Calling Cards From Calling Card Websites

Many of the companies that make calling cards sell them exclusively online through their websites. Other calling card companies that sell cards on the shelves in local stores also have an option to purchase them online, as well as reload rechargeable calling cards. Often, there are special discounts, promotions and specials included with purchasing calling cards online. These cards are prepaid and come with variable rates and fees.

Compare the Rates and Surcharges

Not all calling cards are created equally. Some of them boast rates as low as $0.02 cents per minute but come loaded with access fees and daily charges. Other calling cards may charge rates up to $0.10 per minutes but have no daily fees or access charges. In addition, many calling cards attach higher fees to calls made from pay phones. For this reason it is very important to read the fine print located on the card or website to ensure you are getting the best calling card for your money.

Registering an Account With Calling Card Websites

Typically, the calling card company you want to use online will have a member’s area and you will be required to register with them for an account. This is simple and usually only requires a few minor details, a password, user name, and of course, e-mail address. In addition, you will need to look at the different payment options to see which methods of payments each site accepts. Some of them accept only major credit cards while others accept PayPal and E-Checks.

Watch for E-Mail Confirmation

When you purchase a calling card online the company you made the purchase through will usually send you a confirmation through e-mail. This is very important because any reputable company that sells anything online will send some sort of confirmation so that a buyer knows their goods are being delivered. If for some reason you do not get an e-mail confirmation, it would be a very good idea to look at the “contact us” section of the web site and make an inquiry as to what has happened to your purchase.

Using Your Online Calling Card

Some online calling card websites that sell cards provide you with an access number and pin code to use in order to make calls. Other calling card websites that sell prepaid re-chargeable calling cards will send you an actual card so that you can reload it. Whether or not you actually receive a card in the mail or just a series of numbers to use depends on which site you purchase your calling card from, as well as which type of calling card you buy.

Calling cards may seem like a thing of the past but believe it or not the calling card industry is still thriving, and people everyday realize excellent savings on their domestic long distance, as well as international phone calls by using calling cards.