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How to Find the Cheapest Designer Clothes and Accessories Online

Most of you have probably read the famous Cinderella story. Apart from the dance with the Prince, the magic dispelling at midnight, and the lost shoe that is actually the preamble to a somehow mawkish and predictable happy end, a more contemporary version of the story boils down to this: the gal desperately wants to go to the prom given by the local young billionaire-bachelor and try her chances against the other gals in the racing for his heart (and, of course, the thick check-book going with it). However, she is as poor as a church mouse and cannot afford buying designer clothes. After calling her witch of an auntie, the problem is fixed to some extent and gives her the chance of her life.

If you sometimes feel like a contemporary Cinderella and want to build haute couture wardrobe at a reasonable price, you no longer need witchcraft to make your dreams come true. Nowadays, the role of the good auntie is successfully played by the all-powerful and omnipresent Internet. Here are the most important things you should know about shopping for designer clothes online.

There are hundreds of fashion stores around the web, but here are some you might want to check out first: HauteLook offers the hottest deals available for members only, but once you come onboard (and it is absolutely free of charge, mind you), you can take advantage of up to 75 percent discounts on some clothing items; Gilt Groupe is the second most popular designer clothes selling website, offering to its members a price-slash of up to 70 percent. As you might have already noticed, the sexiest chicks are always married, the coolest rides are not for sale, and the latest electronic gadgets are mind-numbingly expensive; in this line of thought, the guys from Ideeli online designer clothing are no longer accepting new members, but they still give you a chance to put your name and email on a long waiting list. What makes them stand out among their competitors is the fact that members are offered weekly giveaways. In addition, there are regular discounts on haute couture clothing items. Other names on the list of recommended online fashion clothes stores are ShopItToMe, and, of course, the good, old eBay.

Some designer clothes stores advertise clearance sales with huge discounts: in the range of 75 – 85 percent. If you want to compare prices, you can type in ‘clearance sales for designer clothes’ in your browser. Unfortunately for some gals, there might be only large and extra small sizes left from the remaining stock. Returns are not accepted in most cases; so, make sure you look at the return policy of the store, together with the terms and conditions, before you buy any clothing item (God forbid, a couple of them).

Having cleared the where-to-buy part of the issue, let us focus on what exactly you should buy. The answer is rather simple: don’t buy anything you do not need, or else you will end up with a huge credit card debt and a lot of useless but fashionable stuff at your doorstep. It is also wise to go to the local designer clothes store. Try on some items, as to get an idea of what your exact size is. One of the great disadvantages of online shopping is that you cannot try on the selected item before you buy it.

Finally, you should watch for hidden costs such as shipment and other fees that may considerably add up to the total amount of your purchase.