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Finding Free Stuff Online

The internet is an excellent place to shop and pay bills, but there are also other perks, such as being able to get free stuff online. There are many ways you can go about getting free stuff online, such as beauty products, food, personal hygiene products, vitamins, tote bags, clothing, make-up and much more. In addition, there are even websites dedicated to giving free stuff away. The following information will help you find new and exciting ways to get free stuff online, with very little effort.

Manufacturers Coupons

Many prestigious manufacturers offer online coupons for free trials. This is often found during the launch of a new product line or when they would like to re-introduce a product that has fallen behind in sales. Often, these coupons come in the form of buy one get one free or other things of this nature, but once in awhile you can find coupons for absolutely free items just so you can try the product out. In addition, there are a lot of manufacturers who have simple surveys in place that they would like you to fill out, the trade of is that you get something free just by participating. This is done as a method of consumer relations and to ask questions which will help them assess what the public is looking for in a certain product/product line


Freecycle is a concept that began in the year 2003 by a group of environmentalists as a method of reducing the amount of waste we put in landfills. The idea is to list your items and give them away when you don’t want them anymore, rather than throwing them out. Of course the intention is not for people to list items that will never be usable and cannot even be repaired. The idea is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This concept took off in epic proportions and is now available in just about every major city. You simply join the group on yahoo and begin reading posts and replying. Each group has it’s own unique set of guidelines but most of them share one central rule, that you must post something as an “offer” before you can post a “wanted” and request items. There is no limit to the sort of things which are listed on Freecycle. Everything from clothing to cars is given away on this site.


Thunderfap is another excellent website which offers consumers information on how and where to get free stuff online. They do not directly give out the merchandise but they list literally hundreds of offers posted by manufacturers. There is never a need to enter your credit card information and they always check to be sure there are no strings attached to anything offered on their site. You simply provide them with your e-mail address to get started. The way this site works is that manufacturers contact Thunderfap with offers they have going and Thunderfap in turn sends your information to the manufacturer. The site does not send anything out; rather you receive your free stuff directly from the manufacturer. In addition, only the most reputable manufacturers are allowed to participate which means your information is always safe.

In addition to joining freebie websites you may also conduct your own simple Google search to find a lot of other avenues in which you can get free stuff online. Keep in mind that generally when something looks too good to be true, it is. Beware of offers promising to give you a $500 iPhone for free; chances are something like that is a scam. In addition, never give out your credit card or bank information to a site that offers free stuff. If the stuff is free there should be no reason for them to have that sort of information.