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Diamond Buying Guide

If you are buying diamonds for yourself it can be fun to look at various diamond jewelry. Guys may be a little overwhelmed when they are trying to find the perfect diamond for their girlfriend or their wife.

Along the way you may have heard of the 4-Cís in regards to diamonds. The four Cís refer to clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Diamonds are measured in carats. They usually weight a fraction of a whole carat. The shape of the diamond is itís cut. Clarity deals with the flaws in the diamond. These little imperfections occur naturally and the clarity will depend on the how many flaws can or cannot be found in the diamond.

Flawless diamonds are very rare. Of course they also cost the most. A diamond can only be classified as flawless if when placed under a 10X magnification no imperfections can be seen. If a diamond does not have any flaws on the inside, but a some on the outside under this magnification, they are also rare and costly. Most of us will be buying rings with some flaws. And that is ok, it is to be expected really.

Diamonds can really occur in just about any color you can think of. However, the diamonds that we usually buy are white or yellow. The color that costs the most are white diamonds. They are particularly bright and sparkle nicely. The weight of a diamond is also taken into consideration. Guys often want to try to buy their girl the biggest diamond they can afford. If they are shopping around they may see a diamond that is 2C.T. and one that says 2C.T. T.W. They may notice that the 2C.T. T.W. is less expensive. But it is important to realize that T.W. stands for total weight. It is the combined weight of all the diamonds in the ring. It is not a 2 carat center stone.

When diamonds are in nature, they are rough. They do not have the same sparkle and shine that they will have after they are cut. Diamond cutters work to cut the stone into a diamond that will look sparkly and shiny when it is on someoneís finger. The goal is to cut the diamond in such a way that it will nicely reflect light. Thatís what gives it the great appearance.

You can buy a diamond in many different shapes. There are some very common shapes that many of us are familiar with. Diamonds can be a round or an oval shape. They may be cut into a hear or a pear shape. Some diamonds are cut into a Marquise. The majority of diamonds that are sold in jewelry are round in shape.

When purchasing a diamond ring, you will have to decide not only what type and size diamond you want, but also the setting. Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are the main settings you will find. The most expensive of those metals is platinum. If you are buying for someone else you will want to consider what type of metal you see them wear the most of with their other jewelry. You can get a solitaire style or a diamond accent setting. A solitaire style has one main stone that is set in the center, there are no other diamonds. The accent setting on the other hand will have a main diamond with other small diamonds around the stone.

Some other things to consider

When you set out to buy a diamond ring, you should take your time to make the selection that is right for you or for the person for whom you are buying the diamond. If you can really only spend a certain amount for the diamond, stick to that. Spend what you can but do not overdo it. Remember a jeweler is going to try to sell you the most expensive diamond they can. Happy Diamond Hunting!