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Cosmetics Buying Guide

Are you getting ready to set out to buy some new cosmetics? Trying out different cosmetics can be a lot of fun. There are many products that fall under the category of cosmetics. Cosmetics are items we use to “beautify” ourselves. It can be makeup, skin care products, fragrances, nail polish, dye for your hair, etc.

Unless a cosmetic product is fragrance free, the two main ingredients will be fragrances and preservatives. It is important to be cautious when buying cosmetics because many people have skin reactions to the fragrances. If your skin is sensitive you should look for products that do not have perfume or fragrances added.

With the wide use of the Internet today, you can make many of your cosmetic purchases online. Perfumes are something you may not want to buy online because we often try out different fragrances to find those that we like best. However, if there is a particular perfume that we particularly like, you can often save money purchasing the item online. There are many great deals to be found online on a variety of cosmetics. By using the Internet you can look for the best prices rather quickly and easily.

If you do not know specifically what you are looking for in a cosmetic product or you want to try something new than you should go out to the stores for best results. At the cosmetic counters, the associates can help you find the products that work best with your skin tone, eye and hair color. Some places even offer free “makeovers” where they put makeup on you so that you look good and see what products will work well for you. (They do this in the hopes, of course that you will buy the products they have used). You may also want to take a friend along with you. They can help you find what looks best on you. Having more than one opinion can be beneficial. An example is that you may really love the color pink, but it may not look best on you. By having more than one opinion, you may select colors that work better for you than the colors that you simply like.

There are so many cosmetic products to select from. However, you can find what works for you without too much difficulty. It is important to consider your eye and hair color as well as your skin tone. You should also consider what type of sink you have is it dry, oily or even a little bit of both. Then when you are buying powders and foundations you should get the kinds that are made for your skin type. For skin that is dry, buy products with moisturizers; buy products that are oil-free if your skink is oily. There are also many different shades of foundation. If the shade you select does not match your skin tone, than it should be a shade lighter but never darker.

When you are checking out all the pretty eye colors, keep in mind that you want something that will look good with your hair color. If you have blond hair, then peach or pink colors look great. For brunettes, you will look good with darker colors. Check out violet and purple colors as well as earth tones. If you are a red head, you will also look good with earth tones for your eye color. Greens and purples will also work well.

Another makeup that most women wear and that is an essential part of their cosmetic collection is lipstick. Again you will want to use colors that compliment the color of your hair. You can wear a color that is close to the natural color of your lips if you do not want a natural appearance. If you have red or brunette hair color, you may want to wear brown or cinnamon lip color. For those with light blonde hair, mauve and berry colors will look great. Consider coral or peach lipstick shades if you have darker blonde hair.

These are just a few basic tips about shopping for cosmetics as well as a few guidelines for some of the most common types of makeup worn. There are many choices, a variety of brands and colors. Find colors that compliment your natural coloring for a beautiful look. Take your time shopping for cosmetics and enjoy!