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Children’s Clothing Buying Guide

It is important to take special care when buying clothes for children. You want them to have clothes that are warm and safe. Of course, you also want to find clothes that fit well and are comfortable. Children outgrow their clothes pretty often at certain stages in their growth. You can buy fashionable clothes for your kids, while still selecting practical clothes.

When shopping for clothes for your kids, you should also take your children with you so they can try on the clothes. You want to make sure they fit well and are comfortable for your child. Different brands of clothing and different styles may fit differently, which is why it is important they try on everything. Having an idea of where to start when finding their size will help. Each child is different but by knowing about children’s sizing, you have a good place to start.

For infant clothing, they use months for the sizing. The size will also often say up to how many pounds a baby can weigh for that particular size. As children get older the sizes run from 1-4T. This is when they are at the toddler stage. Then children may be in the 2-6X sizes. At this point in their growth they are using becoming taller as well as slimmer. After 6X, girls sizes run from 7-14 and boys sizes from 6-20. Within the sizes you can find slim and regular sizes and usually husky sizes for boys. Girls may reach a time in early adolescence when they are outgrowing girls sizes but not yet ready for Misses. Their bodies are beginning to mature, and they may want to look at Junior’s clothing for a better selection and fit.

When your children try on their clothes, you will want to see how well they fit, and how safe and comfortable they are for your child. Kids like soft clothes that are lightweight. Of course, when the weather is colder, they will need to wear clothes with a heavier material. Make sure their sleeves are not too big. It’s also important to make sure pants are not too long. You want to make sure your child cannot trip on their pants. You also want to make sure nothing fits so loosely that they could get caught on something when they are walking around or when they run off to play.

At times when your children still seem to be going through a lot of growth spurts, you can buy clothes that are more “flexible.” You can buy them shirts with adjustable shoulder straps. Also, you can buy pants with elastic pants. Buying fabrics that are stretch woven can also help. On the same hand, you do not want to buy clothes that are too big. You may think they will grow into them before season’s end and they may not. By that time next year those clothes may be too small.

Have fun when shopping for your kids’ clothes. As children get older they will probably start enjoying trying on and picking out new clothes. They will point out clothes that they like.