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Cell Phone Buying Guide

When you go shopping for a cell phone, the task can seem overwhelming. There are so many different cell phones that come in many sizes and shapes. Every cellular service provider offers many service packages. This article will provide you with some basic guidelines when shopping for a cellular phone.

Cell Phones

There are three main types of cellular technology: Analog, Digital and Digital PCS. The oldest cellular phone technology is analog.. You will find this in older cell phones. Signal are received and sent by a radio and the sound quality is inferior to that of cellular and PCS. Digital Cellular technology has superior sound quality to that of analog phones. The phones are capable of many features including caller ID and voice mail. PCS technology operates on a 1.9GHz frequency band. These phones differ from standard digital phones in the fact that they have a greater network and data capacity.

When looking at cell phones, you will want to ask what the talk time and standby time is for each phone. The amount of time you can talk on your phone without needing to charge the battery, is talk time. Standby time is the length of time your phone can be on, although not being used, before you need to charge the battery. If you travel a great deal, you will want a phone with a long standby time so you do not need to worry about charging your battery as often.

Many wireless phones now offer Internet capabilities. Using these phones, you can send and receive emails and do some basic web browsing. This is a nice feature to have especially if it is important to you to have email access at all times.

Cell Phone Providers

There are many wireless phone providers. Each of them have strengths and weaknesses. You will find people who rave about a company and others who will complain about the same company. The following are some websites you may want to visit. They are the most popular cellular phone providers. By going to their websites, you can look at the different phones each as to offer as well as their calling plans.

AT&T Wireless: *Note AT&T and Cingular have joined forces

Cell Phone Rate Plans

When you visit a cellular phone vendor, you will see there are many rate plans available. Before you become considering which plans is best for you there are some questions you will want to consider. For example, how many minutes do you use each month or do you anticipate using? Will you use your phone to make long distance calls? Will you receive more calls than you make? How much can you afford to pay each month?

If you are not sure how many minutes you need each month, you may want to choose a plan with lower minutes. You do not want to pay the money for 1000 minutes if you only use 200. Picking the plan with the very least number of minutes, is probably not the best idea either. Your cell phone bills can get quite high if you go over your minutes. If you know you will receive many more calls than you make, consider finding a provider that offers free incoming minutes. Many cellular service providers now do so.

Think about how much you can afford to pay for your cell phone service each month. You will be paying the monthly rate, plus any applicable taxes. Each time you exceed the number of minutes you will be charged for the excess minutes. Another factor to consider is who you call. Some cellular phone providers offer free minutes to anyone you call who also uses their service. This is an excellent way that you can save money and minutes.

There are additional features and accessories that may be available with your phone. You will want to consider if it is really necessary for you to pay the additional cost for these accessories and features. For example, if you spend a lot of time in your care, you may want to buy a car charger for your phone. If you like to send and receive text messages, you may want to buy a text messaging package. Remember, however, that this is an extra expense that you can probably do without, if cost is an issue.

Cell Phone Contracts and Prepayment Options

When you sign up for a cellular phone plan, you will want to consider how long you will be committed to the contract. Some cell phone providers want you to sign up for a contract of one year or more. Other cell phone vendors offer pay-as-you go or prepaid options. For example, GO phones offer a pay-as-you-go option with no contracts. You can set your credit card to be billed each month or to be billed when your account balance goes below $5.00. Many cellular providers also offer prepaid options. You can buy minutes for your phone. This way you do not have to sign a contract and you can buy as many minutes as you can afford. Prepaid methods are a more expensive way to go. However, this is a good option if you have poor credit or do not want to be tied down to a contract.