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Buying Shoes for Children

Are you heading out to buy new shoes for your kids? Buying shoes for kids can be enjoyable and also difficult. It is fun to pick out cute little shoes for the children. Kids who are a little older get excited to pick out “cool” shoes for themselves. It is important to buy shoes that not only look good but are also practical and comfortable for the kids.

You should never buy shoes for your children without having them try the shoes on first. Measure your children’s feet or have the sales associate at the shoe store measure them for you. Remember to take a measurement of both feet because one can be bigger than the other. Measure both the length and width of their feet. After finding out what size shoes they need, your kids can begin trying on new shoes.

For each pair that they try, you will want to check where their toes are. Make sure they can wiggle their toes inside their shoes. Their toes should not be touching the top of the shoe. You will want to allow for a little growing room for the children’s feet. There should be about 18mm room for growth. Children need shoes with a firm heel. You will also want to make sure that the shoe is not too loose at the heel.

Although dress shoes look nice, for young children, they should be saved for special occasions only. If you do buy a child dress shoes, make sure they have a rubber sole. Kids are still going to want to run around and play even if they are dressed up. Having a rubber sole will protect them from slipping and falling so they do not get hurt. Because children are going to be running and playing in their shoes a lot, you need to make sure you select shoes that offer a lot of support regardless of whether they are dress or casual shoes.

Children’s running shoes are a very good choice for your kids. They offer the child’s foot much needed support. Also, they are cushioned well and will be very comfortable for your child. These shoes are great for kids to wear for play and athletics. Any shoes for activities and play that do not offer a good deal of support and cushioning should be avoided.

Remember your older children can tell you how the shoes that they are trying on feel. Your very young children may have a harder tell telling you if the shoes are comfortable or feel like they fit. You will need to carefully see how each shoe fits your child. Check to see where their toes are and ask them to wiggle their toes. Watch the child walk in the shoes to see if they seem to be walking all right in them and to make sure the shoes are not slipping at all. These steps will help you to get shoes that work well even for your youngest children.

Buying Shoes For Babies

After your child has been walking on their own for several weeks, it is time to buy them their first pair of shoes. You will want to find a pair of shoes that is the same shape as your child’s foot. As with older children, you must make sure they have room to wiggle their toes and that their toes are not touching the front of the shoes. Shoes that have rounded toes work well for very young children. Make sure the shoe offers them plenty of support.

After Buying New Shoes

After your buy new shoes for your children and take them home, it is important to keep watching how well the shoes fit and work for your child. Make sure they do not end up with any calluses or other skin irritations that could mean their shoes are not fitting well. Remember children’s feet can grow fast and it might not be long before you need to shop for a new pair of shoes.