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Beginners Online Buying Guide

The internet is full of websites that are designed for people who love to shop. Most of these websites offer the absolute best but for a fraction of the cost. Experienced shoppers look for things like overstock products and original designer clothes, shoes and even handbags, and typically they find whatever they are searching for. Following are some tips for shopping wisely as well as keeping yourself safe from fraud and scam artists.

Internet Hackers and Safety

While the internet is a great place to find almost anything you are looking for, there are a lot of things you will find here that you could do without. Finding out the hard way that a hacker has stolen your information by leading you into a trap and having you input your credit card information is not considered fun online shopping. For this reason it is important to be sure you only shop from sites which are reputable. You can find a lot out about an online store with a quick search of the user reviews. It is important to know how to shop online before purchasing anything online.

Online Payment Security

Check to be sure the website is a secured site by looking for the little lock icon that is at the lower right hand corner of your web browser. In addition, when you hit the payment site, make sure the beginning of the web address begins with “https” and not just “http”. The “s” at the end of the extension means the site is secure. To test that theory go to a site like paypal and lok at the address, you will notice it is “”. If you look at other websites like Facebook, you will notice the extension remains, “http”. This is extremely important because if a site is not secure you could have your information stolen.

Online Auction Sites

Try going to some of the major online auction sites, which offer people a chance to sell whatever they would like, by running a simple online auction that lasts anywhere from 72 hours to one month depending on the site. New online shoppers can find things like collectables, cook ware, sporting goods, electronics, computers, and much more by searching some of the auction sites. e-Bay being the most popular probably has the largest selection, but it also has the most competition, which can be a bad thing for a shopper. This is especially true in an auction setting. Making that final bid the highest without breaking the bank can be quite a challenge.

Sales Advertisements

Try joining websites which offer you news on various online sales. To find out how to search products online, try watching a tutorial on the web. Sites like youtube are full of different tutorials to help people do whatever it is they would like to do on the internet. If you do join a site which will send you e-mail alerts, you will want to get in on the sale early, within the first hours or days. This will ensure there is still enough of the good stuff in stock when you get ready to order. Shopping a few comparison sites to be sure you are getting the best bargain for the price is a very good idea.

Coupon Sites

Try searching the web for things like promotional offers and coupon codes to see if you can realize an even better savings than what the site is already offering. By opening up a second window in your web browser you can type “coupons”, or “coupon codes” into the address bar and a lot of sites will come up. You can then search the coupon site for the product you are about to purchase, to see if there are any deals posted on that item.

By following some simple safety rules and doing some serious comparison shopping, you can turn online shopping into a wonderful adventure, offering you a little bit of everything and at a great price!